How to Get Rid of Twitter Spam

8 Ways to Kill Twitter Spam

No one wants to see their Twitter cluttered with useless information. If your Twitter account is trending, it comes under the radar of spambots, which are automated tools to grab your trending hashtags and emit links hoping you will click on them.

If you want to keep things clear and easy in your Twitter stream, it’s imperative to get rid of all the spam, which is an abbreviation for a stupid, pointless and annoying message.

Direct messages can also be a waste of time. No one wants to go through a list of unwanted buffering and managing spam.

Mentioned below are a few guidelines to help you in your personal mission to cleanse your Twitter profile.

1. Don’t Blindly Auto-Follow

It’s more of an unspoken courtesy to follow back someone who follows you. But that is not always the case, as it can make you easy bait for spammers if you are not careful.

Blindly auto following can turn out to be a mistake if you’re not careful enough. The key to detecting spammers is to review their profile. If they use any Twitter handles which are not their real names, there’s a better chance that they are on Twitter to troll and spam.

Also, look at any repetitive names which you might come across or any names with numbers on them. Spamming Twitter accounts also tend to put stock photos as their profile image.

Follow accounts by checking their latest tweets as well, and how recent they were.

2. Connecting with Unrelated Business

Do not link to accounts if you’re not sure you understand or share an interest. It will help keep your direct message box free from clutter. Don’t hesitate to block the profiles that keep sending you spam.

Just by not connecting to such kinds of accounts and getting rid of them can make a big difference to your Twitter experience.

3. Report Spam

It might sound like the very basic thing you should do but the reason that spammers continue to get away with it and appear on your home page and direct messages.

If something annoys you and you don’t want to see similar content anymore, just report the account or the post.

4. Block Accounts

Systematically block all accounts knows to be related to or posting spam. That way, you won’t have to deal with them anymore.

Keep on blocking what you don’t like or the accounts which are annoying you.

5. Revoke Access from Applications

Check the list of applications you have given access. Remove those which you do not recognize. If it is making you take more than a few seconds to remember why you gave them access in the first place, it means you’ve not felt the need of it anymore.

If the applications turn out to be legitimate, and you use them directly, they’ll prompt you to give them access once again when you use them the next time.

6. Check for Dormant or Inactive Accounts

Why connect with users who are inactive? When did they last post an update? What’s the point in creating clutter on your Twitter?

Good ways of checking if the user is active or not are by checking their latest tweets and posts. If a tweet is posted a long time ago or is completely irrelevant, then you don’t need it in your account.

This option is useful for people or businesses (such as social media marketing or essay writing services) that have to manage many accounts, because anything extra can create clutter and spoil their image.

7. Change your Password

Some people don’t change their passwords for long duration, and this may come as a hassle for them. By not changing, you become sitting ducks and easy prey for hackers.

Just keep regularly changing your password or use Twitter's two-factor authentication feature; it’s as simple as that. It’s a small price to pay if you wish to avoid any trouble.

8. Using Tools

Using social media tools are an excellent way to save yourself time and the added hassle of having to go through everything. They have a variety of functions, like blocking automated tweets from games or other applications and even blocking messages with specific keywords.

Mentioned below are some tools which are helpful in monitoring Twitter followers.

ManageFlitter apart from being a powerful tool to help track trends and allow you to work faster and smarter also works an agent to help you rid of followers.

It will immediately display followers who ignore you or are inactive, who don’t follow you back, don’t have a profile picture and a lot of other things as well. It also allows you to filter and copy someone else’s followers and even follow them back.

CrowdFireapp allows you to unfollow the users who don’t follow you back. It was previously known as JustUnfollow.

This useful tool allows you to sort out the accounts that do not follow you back from newest to oldest first. The free version provides a 25 people limit daily. If you are interested in checking more than that amount, you can upgrade to the paid version.

Untweeps is very useful in the sense that it scans your database and detects all the accounts which are inactive or fake accounts with no tweets. It highlights them and then allows you to block the accounts. It also keeps track of all the other users you have blocked already. It assimilates well with Twitter.

The good thing about Tweepi is that it allows more services that the other twitter tools. It gives the option of unfollowing the people who do not follow back, searching trending accounts for you to follow, and also to follow those who are following you.

It also allows you to see people’s bio and their latest tweets on its page before you can reach a decision. It also shows stats, cross-following abilities and how best to manage your newsfeed.

There are many other tools which you can also use to monitor and control spam. The crucial thing is to keep a close eye on all your followers and the applications or people you follow as well. There might be some dormant users or spammers hidden amongst them.

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