Why Take Risks? And How To Become a Risk-Taker? - #infographic

Take A Risk: The Odds Are Better Than You Think - #infographic

When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone?

While it's tempting to stick to routine, it can often lead to regrets later in life - whether that's opportunities ignored, romances unpursued or words left unsaid.

Remember, nothing in life is certain, so start taking risks, experimenting, accepting failure and learning from mistakes - you just might discover who you really are.

Here's an infographic from Vegas Extreme Skydiving, on how to start taking risks and why you should do it.

#infographic: Overcoming the Fear of Taking a Risk: Just Do It

Infographic Transcript

Why Take Risks?

Risk-taking particularly during our teenage years - has been vital to our species.

10,000 years ago-our ancestors were hunter-gatherers, risking life and limb in search of food or warding off predators.

People need the freedom to test boundaries in a safe environment, as these experiences will inform the rest of their lives.

It is risk-taking that pares us down to our essential selves; cultivating the values that define who we are.

How To Become A Risk-Taker

Fake it until you make it

Seeming is being, so believe in yourself and it will become self-actualising. Rather than being your own worst critic, replace negative thinking with positive statements, e.g. I can do this.

Stop catastrophizing

It's easy to become so obsessed with the potential outcomes that mundane tasks become life-changing events. Instead, view risks objectively and devise practical steps for when things go awry.

Set yourself goals

Everyday life is filled with risks, whether that's anxieties about confined spaces or talking to strangers. Each day, set yourself one goal, e.g. striking up a conversation, and reward yourself when you meet it.

Try a sink or swim approach

Don't waste time debating whether to do something, just do it. Whether you succeed or your fail is irrelevant - you'll quickly realize that the risk was never as great as your fears made it.

Risk getting turned down

Whether it's a job application or asking someone out on a date, it's only by taking a chance that you'll know whether it was meant to be. If not, then dust yourself off and move on.

Learn to fail positively

It might sound like a paradox, but the secret to success is failure. There's always lessons to be learned when you make a mistake, so don't let it put off taking risks ever again.

Do something extraordinary

Think about something daring that you're always been curious about, but were too scared to do. Whether that's skydiving, a solo trip around the world, a new business or just expressing yourself - take the risk.

Try activities you struggles with

If we're not good at something, then it's only natural that we might avoid it. But overcoming your limitations and acquiring new skills, you'll actually improve your brain power and confidence.

Don't go it alone

To stay grounded, remember that you're not alone. Friends, family and colleagues often struggle with similar issues, so you can provide one another with a support network to improve motivations.
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