5 Digital Marketing Resolutions You Can’t Afford To Break In 2016

5 New Year’s Resolutions For Digital Marketers - #infographic

Welcome to 2016!

It's the start of a New Year. And time to think about the future.

“Many of you are probably using this time to reflect on 2015 and make resolutions for 2016. Don’t forget to do the same with your marketing – think about what well in 2015 and what you can do to make sure 2016 is even better.”

The following infographic from Compete proposes 5 New Year’s resolutions that should be on your 2016 digital marketing to-do list.

Spend More Time With Your Competitors

Don't literally spend more time with them (unless you want to) - spend more time getting to know their tactics. Measuring your performance based on traffic and engagement on your site is important, but it's hard to know if this is truly good or bad unless you can put it in the context of your industry or competitive set.

Learn At Least One New Thing

Most of us just don't make the time to learn new things outside of our day-to-day jobs. But we all have areas that could make a huge impact on our marketing success if we just spent the time to learn about it. Maybe there are new traffic acquisition tactics you want to purse, or you want to dig into insights about who your shoppers are to write better messaging. Don't put it off this year - there's no excuse not to do it in 2016!

5 Digital Marketing Resolutions You Can’t Afford to Break in 2016 - #infographic

Happy New Year, and best wishes for 2016!
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