Build Your Business With Google+ Communities - #infographic

Build Your Business With Google+ Communities - #infographic

According to Miernicki's 2015 data, Google+ has over 2.5 billion users worldwide, 300 million* of which are active as of October 2013.

This network specializes in displaying relevant content to people with similar interests, bringing them together in one place.

Not only is this network optimized for better search results, it also showcases innovative ads that target specific users according to their needs and preferences.

One of Google Plus’s special features, Google+ Communities, lets people share and discuss their common passions publicly and privately, allowing people to expand their connections.

Some business professionals consider this an avenue to interact with their customers in order to optimize their brands.

This infographic from shows you how Google+ communities’ effectiveness influences both startups and established businesses, how this social platform encourages customer interactions, and to start building your brand with it.

Build Your Business With Google+ Communities - #infographic

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*According to StoneTemple study Google+ has approximately 212 million active users as of April 2015.

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