+Post Ads: How To Become A Google+ Advertising King - infographic

Google +Post Ads Tips: How To Become A #GooglePlus Advertising King - #infographic #socialmedia
As of April 2014, Google +Post Ads are now available to advertisers with brand pages that have more than 1,000 Google+ followers.
+Post ads allow Google+ content like, "Hangouts on Air" or "photos" to be displayed as ads through the Google Display Network (as known as Adsense).
With +Post ads you can drive engagement to your GooglePlus content from multiple sources across the web.
A study shows that brands who've already used +Post ads have reported 50 percent more engagement on +Post ads than traditional advertising.
So why you should start advertising your Google+ post? And how can you get started?
Get your answers in this infographic which comes courtesy of Tollfreeforwarding: titled +Post Ads for the Masses.

+Post ads are takning on Facebook ads: Google +Post Ads for the Masses #infographic #socialmediamarketing #pluspostads
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