Social Media Etiquette: Your Guide To Engaging As A Person, Not A Logo (infographic)

#SocialMedia Etiquette: Your Guide To Engaging As A Person, Not A Logo - #infographic

"Social media isn’t hard. But not everyone knows why it isn’t.

If adding an effective corporate social media presence to your customer experience management system feels complicated or overwhelming, then you’re likely over-thinking it. Most of us learned everything needed to be successful on social back in school; it helps to be smart, or interesting, or funny, or fun to talk to if you want people to want to pay attention to you. In short: to build a following, be likable.

If that feels overly simplistic and intuitive, we’ve got the numbers to back it up."

Created by Clarabridge, this handy infographic teaches marketers how to practice good social media etiquette.

Key highlights:

Social Media Dos:

Use a Cherry, Familiar Tone: If you sound like an advertisement, people will ignore you like one. If you sound like a person, your followers are more likely to pay attention.

Initiate Customer interactions: Only 26 percent of businesses fully integrate social into their business strategies. Make some headway on social media by starting a conversation with your followers.

Social Media Don'ts:

Put off responding to your followers: On social media 72 percent of consumers expect a response within one hour - and 47 percent are likely to recommend a brand that is responsive on social.

Only Talk about yourself: Score some points by engaging your followers on the topics they're discussing, humanizing your brand and forming a lasting impression with your customers.

Infographic: Succeed on Social Media with Good Etiquette

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