A Look At How Advertisers & Marketing Companies Are Using Images Of People In 2015 - #infographic

Shutterstock’s latest infographic shows how demand for images of people is changing to represent an authentic take on every walk of life.

[This is a guest contribution by Danny Groner]

As global demographic trends change, the materials we sign off on and send out into the world must also reflect modern realities by showcasing diversity and inclusion. Shutterstock search and download data reinforces this trend, as companies have begun to re-imagine campaigns and the people they incorporate into them.

Innovation is not purely a technological pursuit; it begins with how we communicate to - and with - citizens across the globe. Thanks to social media and the fast spread of messages, your audience could be anyone, anywhere, any time. International outlets have never felt so close at hand. It's common these days to watch and enjoy a viral ad from another country on YouTube.

Not only have we seen a rapid growth in searches for people of different ethnic backgrounds, we've also experienced a rise in demand for those with a range of identities and realities. Changing cultural norms have begun to penetrate their way into marketing, design, and advertising. What you might associate with a particular brand or product may no longer hold true. We've gained perspective for how others live. Both creatives and executives are looking for and opting for new horizons.

Click on image to see the interactive version of this graphic.
Changing Faces: Shutterstock's 2015 People Infographic
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