The ABC Of Content Marketing - #infographic

The ABC Of Content Marketing - #infographic

The folks at Instapage have published an infographic to help you understand the basics content marketing.

Key highlights:

A is for analytics:

Content marketing is all about measuring the impact that your content has made and for that you need analytics by your side always. yes, the stats can be overwhelming but it's the only effective way to measure your content marketing goals.

B is for buyer personas:

Know what type of buyers you are dealing with. Is your buyer competitive, spontaneous, methodical or humanistic?

C is for conversations:

The succulent fruit you reap what you sow the right seeds of optimization.

D is for dedication:

A vital ingredient to include in your content marketing gumbo. Try and try again with your marketing efforts.

Read rest of the “ABC of content marketing” in below graphic.

The ABC Of Content Marketing - #infographic
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