Why Apple Watch Matters? - #infographic

Why Apple Watch is the only smart watch that matters #Infographic

Apple Watch has become the most profound gadget in the wearable and smartphones industry since its launch. You can measure the success of the Apple Watch by the fact that Apple was able to sold some one million units of the Apple Watch on the first day of pre-orders and as a result the supply chain for the gadget went into trouble. The one million milestone which Apple achieved on day one of the pre-orders was more than the combined sales of smart watches running Android Wear in the whole year of 2015.

It was the complete and sharp strategy behind the Apple Watch which made it that successful. Apple was so serious with its upcoming product that it spent some $38 million in one month on TV Ads of Apple Watch which was slightly less to the $42 million ads for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus spent since their release some 8 months earlier.

But it is not only the marketing alone which made the Apple’s first wearable so successful. Apple came with a wide range of options for its watch and claimed that there is an Apple Watch for everyone by means of personalization.

Similarly, Apple did not launch its latest gadget with halfhearted efforts. It took Apple some three years to come with the first generation Apple Watch and we can see the difference when reviewing the Apple Watch Specifications. Digital crown, Taptic Engine, accurate Heart rate sensors and the Watch OS itself are pretty well designed as compared to other smart watches and bring the Apple Watch at the top of the available smart watches in the market.

Thus Tim Cook was right to say, Apple Watch is the only smart watch that matters!
Why #Apple #Watch is the only smart watch that matters - #Infographic #tech

Infographic courtesy of: Mobilesiri.
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