Top Qualities That A Social Media Manager Must Have

Top Qualities That A Social Media Manager Must Have

Social media marketing is not just about posting things on the social media networks, but you have to keep an eye on it continuously if you want to get success. Whether you are outsourcing social media marketing or hiring someone in-house for doing all this you must need to consider some skills or qualities in a social media manager. Here in this article we share top qualities that a good social media manager must have. So, before hiring one it is better to read all the points carefully:

He or she must have an online and in-person social grace:

A good social media manager is the one who should be an expert in what he is talking about. They should know how to interact and blog with outer social media experts online in different social media networks. They know how to become the voice of the industry. By this they will be more influential no matter in what social media situation they are involved in.

Interacting, networking, speaking and blogging with other social media experts will stand them out in the industry they belong. If they want to expand their personal network all they want to develop their voice a little more.

Journalism/editorial skills:

This is a MUST have skill in any social media manager. Content marketing is a lot more than the fad. It is upending the whole advertising business. In the past, the ads were usually supported outside media by paying for the privilege to disrupt it. But in the past few years, as with the advancement in technology companies are now realizing that they can avoid this entire system by just creating their own benefiting and media from the association. This ability to make content is going to break or make company’s entire advertising department, but on the other hand, social media will become zero. Social media is a platform that makes the content marketing a feasible strategy. And for this it is necessary that the social media marketer not only acts as a gatekeeper but also good for content efforts. Therefore, it is necessary that you must have journalism/editorial skills so that you can perform this role well.

They must understand channel diversity:

If you want to be successful in social media marketing, then it is necessary that you must be well aware about your company’s audience and what social media they normally use. When hiring it is important to look this skill carefully in a social media manager, he must know various channels and being fluid and flexible among those networks. It is not necessary that the content which performs exceptional on Facebook will also perform best on Twitter. A good social media manager must know what each channel offers its target audience. And how to use each channel that bring results.


If humor fits right for your company it boosts up the overall campaigns. A good social media marketer must knows where to use this humor and where not.

In case you are not familiar how social media managers spends their day, here's an infographic from Socialcast that visualizes the hectic schedule of a social media manager.

Here's an idea of how your social media expert manages to juggle it all.

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