SEO, Content Marketing, Advertising, Social Media: A-Z Glossary Of Digital Marketing Terms - #Infographic

Online marketing terms and acronyms decoded  #Infographic

“Make sure the LP CTA on that evergreen listicle is above the fold, and keep an eye on the CTRs.”

“OK. Did you split test that CTA?”

Online marketers have their own language, and for the uninitiated, it can sound like a secret code. Whether you're an online marketer yourself or just need to communicate with one, use this reference guide to quickly unscramble all the acronyms and jargons.

Key Takeaways:

Search Marketing:

Meta Tags: HTML tags that provide metadata about a web page - a piece of the SEO (search engine optimization) puzzle that affects a site's rank in search results.

Reputation Management: Influencing a brand's reputation particularly within (Google) search results; are the first results the homepage and positive press, or a 2-star average Yelp page.

Websites And Lead Generation:

Alexa Rank: Traffic ranking of a website, compared to all other sites on the web.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): Hones website content and navigation to encourage passive visitors to become customers.

Content Marketing:

Content Curation: Sifts through online content and handpicks high-quality items of interest to target audience.

Thought leaders: Trusted, go-to experts in their field.

Social Media Marketing:

Vanity Metric: Stats that don't necessarily correlate to numbers that matter: downloads, page views, likes/retweets vs. important metrics: active users, revenue, profits.

Shareable: Content's potential to be shared by viewers or go viral.

There's more in full graphic take a look.

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Online marketing terms and acronyms decoded  #Infographic
Infographic courtesy of: Wrike.
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