How To Grow Your Business With Social Media - #infographic

How To Grow Your Business With #SocialMedia - #infographic
So perhaps you've tweeted a time or two, asked people to follow your page on Facebook and LinkedIn, and thought about getting Yelped.

If you're a small business interested in social media marketing, it’s imperative to invest your money and time where they’ll be most beneficial.

Here's an infographic, created by Zhenia Vasiliev and Vanessa McGrady, that illustrates how to grow your business with social media.

A Key Takeaways:

Know where your target audience is engaging:

Don't waste time chasing after customers where they're not; find the networks where they already are. Look out for specific niche sites that focus on your industry. E.g: LinkedIn is a good choice for legal or financial service provider.

6 Ways to Grow Your Social Media Presence - #infographic
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