20+ Tools For Content Creation Bloggers Can't Live Without - #infographic

Why do you blog? Why does anyone blog? Why has blogging become a parallel to modern journalism, and a platform for people of all walks of life to be heard and represented?

It may be a simple as availability. We write because we can and now, we publish better and faster than ever. Blogging will never end, but keeping content fresh, relevant and have it make an impact needs constant revisiting. Check out these tools available at different free sites to help keep your blogging visible, high quality and what you need it to be. Whether it’s a boost you need with your research, writing style, or design, help is easily accessible.

Writing tools

It all comes down to the written word. Poorly crafted content is distracting, and can so often turn your reader off with just the click of their mouse. Take the time to be thorough in your writing.

This service analyzes your text for readability. This tool highlight long complex sentences, passive voices, unnecessary adverbs and other and other elements that complicate your content.

The site provides a comprehensive service not just for the student essay, but for needs of quality content material too. They work with an elite team of writers are timely and efficient. When the struggle is with mechanics, or style or grammar, the service can pinpoint the problem areas and offer solutions. Also this writing service has a writing blog and such tools as Word Counter and Citation Generator.


We all struggle with tasks from time to time, and some of us need concrete help to keep at our work.

This tool is a productivity extension for Google Chrome (also available on other devices) that assists with restricting the time you could be spending on the distractibility of email, media, Twitter alerts and more. It blocks sites for the times you set and is highly configurable as you meet your needs. User services and upgrades are readily available.

It is my favorite. This is a text editor that combines a simple, yet artful, interface of attractive backgrounds and captivating audio with intentionally limited features that together encourage one thing—writing well.

Plagiarism and Grammar checking

The free plagiarism checker at EduZaurus is the ideal platform for reviewing college work or anything that needs to be reviewed for plagiarism. Its simple design means you can upload a document or copy and paste what you want to have a look over. There’s the option to select the type of work that you are submitting and once you put the document in the checker it only takes a few seconds for a full review and detailed breakdown of the sources. It provides links to sources and even offers an overall uniqueness rating as well as a uniqueness rating for each source and how it is used in the text. This is a helpful feature and means it’s easy to go back and change work where there may be a little bit too much direct content copying.

Edubirdie is a free website to check for plagiarism that lets you check essays, website content, resumes and any other document you need to review for cases of plagiarism. It’s an easy to use format, you just copy and paste your title into the title box and the rest of the content in the main box and submit. Or, you can add the document from your computer. It’s very comprehensive and scans the internet for journals, books, web pages, research articles, and any other online documents. It then provides a clear break down of any instances of plagiarism and gives an overall uniqueness percentage, as well as a uniqueness percentage for each text mentioned in the work you submitted. The similarity index is ranked from highest to lowest and there is also the option to go to the source of the plagiarised file and show it in the text, which is great for editing.

The world’s most powerful and reliable site to use with keeping integrity in your material, or authenticity, is CopyScape.com. The service is dedicated to helping you protect your online content. It operates simply by giving you the one-step method of entering your content into their search engine for matches of phrases, sections and whole paragraphs that have been duplicated. “Copyscape's products are trusted by millions of website owners worldwide to check the originality of their new content, prevent duplicate content, and search for copies of existing content online.”

This is online proofreading service that provides both proofreading and editing services .

Other similar tools: SmallSeoTools.com (For Plagiarism), AResearchGuide's plagiarism checking service and PaperRater.com (For Plagiarism, Paper Grading and Grammar checking).

Email tools

Boomerang for Gmail
Take control of your email traffic with Boomerang. This product allows you to schedule messages to be returned or sent at a later date. It helps you maintain a much cleaner inbox and not lose track of critical messages and correspondence. Boomerang will take messages out of our inbox only when you need them. It’s useful on many devices – mobiles and androids.

This is very useful tool for bloggers who usually communicate with other bloggers through mail. Rapportive shows you everything about your contacts right inside your inbox.

Design Tools


The ability to simply search for the best graphics, fonts, and photos, is available at Canva.com.

Design shouldn't be hard but somewhere along the way we became bogged down with expensive, complicated software that put design out of reach for most people. Canva is here to change that, with a tool that makes design simple for everyone.

Canva gives you everything you need to easily turn ideas into stunning designs. Create designs for everything you need for print or to post on the Web including: flyers, posters, blog graphics, presentations, Facebook covers, invitations and so much more. Original materials such as your own photos or graphics are easy to use with the canva and the drag and drop tool. Creating and designing is at your fingertips…and free!

This service is perfect to create embed content within your images. Try it!

Easy tool to create customized design and photo editing. Also with PicMonkey you can create collages, graphics, etc.

Free high quality photos database. Totally free and totally high quality.

Free icons database. Here you can find everything. Almost everything.

Other designing tools: Wordswag.co (an iPhone app for making quotes-graphics and typographic images). Pixlr Express - web-based photo editing tool.

Tools for Screenshot

Consumers are visual learners. We like to see as we read, and will become more convinced when something is presented visually. People prefer to be shown, not told, about things like details and features when making a decision. It also increases knowledge in the industry, and with particular products.

If your need is to capture a whole page or a portion of a page, the features of Awesomescreenshot.com will allow you to easily do this. You can also annotate screenshots, with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text, blur sensitive info, with a one-click upload to share. This is a popular utility when you take care to decide what will be in your background.

Formatting Tools

At GetFireBug.com you can get a plethora of web development tools easily available to you while you browse. This enables you to edit, debug and monitor CSS (which is the cascading style sheets language used for the description of how a document is to appear, in a markup language) and the HTML ( the hyper text markup language used to create web pages) and JavaScript live, in any page! Firebug seems like it would interfere with what you are trying to produce, but it doesn’t get in your way. It can be opened in a separate window or in your browser with a bar. It’s a simple plugin that allows you to see the code of any page.

Managing tools

You can make a world of difference in your personal organization of your blogging, and content marketing materials with the world’s most powerful to-do list tool at en.todoist.com. Here is all you need to use easily on your device or 13 other platforms. Anywhere! Online and offline! The collaboration feature allows you to share your projects, get notified about changes being made, and to have discussions in real time. The “todoist” tool offers more useful features than any other available. It will help you to optimize your productivity.

Need more tools? Take a look at this infographic from florapang.

Growth Hacking Must-Haves: Free Digital Marketing Tools!

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Growth Hacking Must-Haves: Free Digital Marketing Tools - #infographic

As a blogger, you can easily find you are overwhelmed with what it takes to regularly deliver quality items that keep you relevant and useful in your message. Vital hours can be spent searching for the right research, the tools to display it, and the efficient way to organize the work you have produced. But using the state-of-the-art tools available easily to you is worth investigating.

Get to your target audience quicker, leave a better impression, and be able to do this consistently.

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