#SocialMedia Stats: 30+ Amazing YouTube Facts That May Surprise You - #infographic

30+ Amazing #YouTube Statistics - #infographic

Since its creation in 2007, YouTube has seen exponential growth and the site shows no signs that its popularity is waning. With more than 1 million unique visitors a month, YouTube has become a moneymaker for those who know how to cash in.

This infographic, created by Newhouse School of Communications, visualizes the site’s growth and popularity, and illustrates facts, stats and a profile of some of today’s well-known YouTube celebrities.
30+ Fascinating YouTube Facts That May Surprise You - #infographic #socialmedia

Key Takeaways from visual:

What It Takes To Success On YouTube?
Making it big on YouTube is not easy. Here are some tips for would-be future stars of the Vlogosphere.

Plan Your Content:
Choose your medium and stick with it. Some of YouTube's biggest stars create these types of videos: Commentary, Sketch Comedy, Tutorials, Lifestyle, Music, Cooking.

Be Consistent:
Tell your viewers when and how often to expect videos and then follow through.

Never stop promoting:
Extend your reach by sharing your videos on other social networking sites.
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