How Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Change Will Drastically Affect Your Website’s Traffic - #infographic

Is Your Site Mobile Ready for Google's Big Algorithm Change? (Infographic)

Did you know that 67 percent of fortune 100 companies are not mobile friendly and that 61 percent of total web traffic comes from mobile devices.

Google is changing its mobile search algorithm, and because of this, mobile friendly websites will rise to the top of mobile searches after April 21 2015. This change will give top priority to websites that Google deems “mobile friendly”. Although, this change only affects searches on mobile devices - for now. However, if your website or blog is not mobile friendly, this update could cause you to lose one-third of your site's traffic, depending on your audience.

Here's an infographic from Sumall that delineates a few important things to keep in mind if you want to clear the mobile-friendly hurdle.

Key Takeaways:

Take Google's Mobile Friendly Test: Find out whether your web pages are going to get that coveted mobile-friendly stamp. >

Read Google's Mobile SEO Guide: Google offers a pretty comprehensive guide to winning their own game. >
How Google’s Algorithm Change Will Drastically Affect Your Website’s Traffic - #infographic #SEO
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