YouTube Vloggers: Today’s Biggest Social Media Influencers? - #infographic

YouTube Vloggers: Today’s Biggest #SocialMedia Influencers? - #infographic

"Today's most notable blogs aren't being produced by brands with big marketing budgets, they're coming from young and knowledgeable trendsetters who are often just talking to the camera from the comfort of their bedroom.

What's more, many top YouTube vloggers have huge followings and very receptive audiences who trust their opinions - perfect for relevant brand collaborations!"

See the JBHmarketing's infographic for more detail on what makes YouTube the perfect channel for brands and video bloggers, why are vloggers so influential, how much can top vloggers charge brands, and some tips for working with these social media rock-stars.
YouTube Vloggers: Today’s Biggest #SocialMedia Influencers? - #infographic

A key takeaway from infographic:
"The top YouTube vloggers have a great deal of influence over their subscriber and presents brands with great opportunities to collaborate and promote products. This means that campaigns can meet most budgets and shouldn't be an exclusive option for the big brands only. Just ensure that your influencer strategy fits the vlogger's audience as well as your own, conforms to the new Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) paid promotion rules and is transparent for all to see."
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