Is Your Website Losing Money? - #infographic

Is Your Website Losing You Money? - #infographic

"If you're not using strategic testing to optimize your site, you may be pushing potential leads away. Your website could have untapped potential for even more review. Here's what you need to know:

Your same marketing dollars could be converting more sales: Companies spend 90x more on acquisition than optimization. Money spent recruiting visitors to an un-optimized site is a game of hit or miss. Leading the right customers to a tailored site, however, can boost conversions and capture formerly missing sales.

Surprising elements may be limiting your income: Could you see a 400 percent lift in conversions by removing one image? One company did. You may be surprised what text, image, or colors on your website are losing you money. A/B testing removes all doubt and optimizes your website for highest profits."

Take a look at the infographic below, created by form building tool Formstack, for more insights on why you need to make conversion rate optimization a priority this year.
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Is Your Website Losing You Money? - #infographic #CoversionRateOptimization
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