The State Of B2B Digital Marketing: No Longer Business As Usual - #Infographic

The B2B #DigitalMarketing Landscape: No Longer Business as Usual #Infographic

"Most marketers have long understood B2B from A to Z, but now digital methods and media have changed the context of the content. This shift can be seen in the research tactics, purchasing habits and preferences of B2B buyers. And it's generating new opportunities to open minds and close deals.

Digital has become the link to B2B buyers. This has made the online omni-channel environment increasingly competitive and infinitely profitable. To leverage these opportunities and generate higher revenue, B2B suppliers need to capitalize on digital demand and engage today's tech-savvy buyers."

The following infographic from MDG Advertising looks at the buyers’ new ways of doing business, from where they’re shopping to how they’re spending, to help B2B suppliers engage and convert them.
The B2B #DigitalMarketing Landscape: No Longer Business as Usual #Infographic
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