The End Of The Facebook Free-For-All - #infographic #socialmedia

#Infographic - Is it the End of the #Facebook Free-For-All for Brands? - #socialmedia

Have you noticed a frustrating fall in Facebook's organic reach?

If you have a Facebook business page that you update on a regular basis, chances are you have noticed a decline in your engagement rates.

Well, you're not alone.

Since 2012, the organic reach of content published from brand pages has been trending downward.

According to an infographic from Marketo, 2 - 8 percent of fans see your Facebook posts, only when you've a large following. Which is of course not good for small businesses.

So, should you quit Facebook? Is it the end of the Facebook free-for-all?

This infographic has the answer and some great marketing tips too!
The End Of The Facebook Free-For-All - #infographic #socialmedia

Key Takeaway:
If Facebook isn't working for your business then expand your digital marketing efforts to sites and tactics with higher ROI. Invest in Instagram, the app boasts 58 percent higher per-followers interaction for top brands than on Facebook. Pinterest and email marketing are also good options.
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