4 Key Elements For Visual Social Success - #infographic

Get ahead with your brand’s visual voice on #socialmedia - #infographic #contentmarketing

The say a picture is worth more than a thousand words, so when it comes to capture your audience's attention, take advantage of communicating your message through visual content.

Check out this infographic from The Media Octopus that illustrates how to get ahead with your brand's visual voice on social media.

Key takeaways:

Be consistent with color: Choose a minimum of two and up to four colors which reflect your brand's personality, and use these throughout all marketing and social media posting activity. Regularity in color will help consumers to become familiar with your brand.

Show personality through typography: The type of font used for your company's branding, as with choice of color, will determine the feelings evoked in consumers, so select wisely! Keep it constant and use up to three font styles across all of your materials.

Choose the right imagery and filters: Although imagery offers the flexibility to be different from the color and font guidelines outlined by your brand, any imagery you use still needs to have a consistent theme. If your company has professional equipment or software, then you may want to create your imagery to suite the look and feel of the brand. If you're on the budget there are a number of free online editing tools, such as Canva, that can be helpful for creating beautiful graphics.

Don't overlook positioning: Your style guide should contain a template for your social media posts, outlining where your logo should be positioned, size and layout to ensure there is orderliness. keep uniformity across your brand with the key elements above, but remember that each social channel has its own specific dimensions when creating images and graphic. This applies to both profile images as well as those within social media posts to accompany text.

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Get ahead with your brand’s visual voice on #socialmedia - #infographic #contentmarketing
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