8 Tips To Protect Yourself When Using #SocialMedia - #infographic

How to protect yourself and your data when using #socialmedia - #infographic

Social media helps people stay connected with the world, and in fact platforms likes Twitter and Facebook are the base of many relationships for many folks out there, but the vast use of social networking sites has also created a whole new set of security problems - data-hacking, identity theft, etc. are just a few of them - therefore, protecting yourself when using social media is very important.

The infographic below, produced by Avnet, proposes eight tips to stay safer on social networks.

Key takeaways:

What goes on the web stays on the web:
It's all nut impossible to delete content online once it's posted. Before you post, consider potential reactions to your words, photos or videos.

Be careful what you disclose:
Sites like Facebook and twitter can blur the lines between professional and personal information, so be sure to avoid mistakenly discussing any confidential information.

Keep personal info personal:
Your personal contact information is highly valuable to phishing and scam artists looking for any way into large companies. When in doubt, don;t offer any personal info to anyone you do not know very well in real life.

Separate accounts, separate passwords:
Using the same password for your social media logins may be convenient, but it's much safer to use a unique (and long) password for each account in the event that one is stolen or hacked.
How to protect yourself and your data when using #socialmedia - #infographic

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