The Anatomy Of A Perfect Instagram Profile Page - #infographic

The art and science of creating perfect #Instagram Profile for businesses - #infographic #socialmedia

Instagram is growing rapidly and the latest news is that there are now over 300 million active users on this often misunderstood social network. If you are promoting yourself or your business then it's about time that you took notice and paid attention to Instagram. Luckily for you this new infographic from Setupablogtoday has some great tips on creating the Perfect Instagram profile.

Key Highlights:

1. Make sure that your Instagram handle is related to your business brand name or service.

2. If you are creating a business profile it is often best to use your logo as your profile image and the dimensions you need are 180px x 180px (perfect square shape).

3. Put your company's web address in the URL section, don't use shortened URLs as they often get blocked by Instagram and try to make sure that you send your Instagram traffic back to your website or blog (here's an example).

4. Try to write a short and fresh profile description, you only have 150 characters to impress your audience so be sure to use relevant keywords and leave that buzzword business phrasebook to one side.

5. Subtly watermarking your business logo on your images can be good way to raise the profile of your brand.

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How To Build The Perfect Instagram Profile Blueprint - #infographic #social media marketing tips for brands and marketers

So you've learned the anatomy of a perfect Instagram profile... now learn how to grow your Instagram followers.
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