Treble Your #Instagram Followers In 10 Easy Steps – #Infographic

How To Treble Your #Instagram Followers – #Infographic #socialmedia

Instagram has a staggering 200 million monthly active users worldwide and growing every single day. With 75 million daily active users, it is fast becoming the social platform to have a presence on. It may seem small in comparison to Twitter and Facebook but it's growing at a magnificent rate. This infographic from Setupablogtoday covers the ten most surefire ways to treble your Instagram following in no time at all.

Some key highlights:

• Don't use too many hashtags in one post. Identify hashtags that relates to your image and only ever use a maximum of two (or three) on one image.

• Look for people using hashtags related to your niche and follow them.

• Talking on instagram gets you followers. Same as in real life. When you talk to people you tend to make friends that way.

• Cross post your photos on your other social media profiles (like, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc) to gain new followers and improve engagement.

• Keep an eye out at what is trending and also what type of images are getting the most traction.

• Put captions on every photo you publish. Because a good caption can turn okay photo into an amazing one.

Read more tips in this graphic.

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How To Treble Your #Instagram Followers – #Infographic #socialmedia
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