#Infographic: Content Marketers: Quit Selling Like It’s 2004 - #contentmarketing

#Infographic: Content Marketers: Please Quit Selling Like It’s 2004 - #contentmarketing

The Struggle is real when it comes to creating good content, but you can do it!

Creating an serving up mass amounts of content does not guarantee closed deals or customer engagement. Not all content resonates with everyone. To be heard through the noise, your content must be relevant and engaging. Unfortunately, content marketers often miss the mark on this and many other concepts.

The below infographic from Captora examined where marketers are falling short and what they can do to shift their efforts to drive the business results they need.
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#Infographic: Content Marketers: Please Quit Selling Like It’s 2004 - #contentmarketing

Takeaway: Don't just post sales pitches. Research your audience to determine meaningful information to share with them, and you'll see the benefits of good content marketing. One-time sale fail greatly in comparison to life-long customer engagement. Even if they aren't buying now, building your brand and catering these customers pays in the long run.
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