The 2014 #SocialMedia Marketing Prediction Scorecard - #infographic

A Look Back at the Marketing Predictions that Failed and Came True

Predictions are a dime a dozen. But accurate predictions are much more rare. Last year, marketing experts foretold the future, pointing to the marketing trends that would dominate in 2014.

Digital marketing platform Offerpop recently looked back on some of the top marketing predictions of 2014 to see how they fared throughout the year. After surveying more than 100 marketers, Offerpop found out that the 2014’s marketing predictions had mixed results. Predictions about social data and the integration of social and email came true, but brands did not succeed in measuring social ROI and they did not shift their focus to smaller, more niche social networks in 2014.

Here, in an infographic, is a look back at 2014’s marketing predictions that hit their target, and those that still have not come true for marketers.

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Infographic: Did 2014’s Digital Marketing Predictions Come True?

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