Reaching the Millennials: How to Influence Purchasing Decisions - #infographic

The Science of Reaching young people

Are you struggling to get millennials to engage with your brand?

Take a look at this infographic from Quicksprout that visualizes: where millennials spend their time online? What media type has the most influence on their purchase decision. And how brand can engage them with the power of content.

Perhaps more important, the infographic highlights three case studies of marketing to millennials.

Here's one of them:

Ford engaged hundred of social media influencers and some celebrities, by providing them with Ford Fiestas for 6 months (including free insurance and gas). In exchange these influencers produced shareable content to be featured in Fords' TV and print ads. And as a result, Ford was able to reach a younger audience which resulted in 6K pre-ordered cars.

There are more insights in the full graphic. Take a peek:
what influences purchasing decisions
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