Peer Recommendation On Social Have The Most Influence On Holiday Gift Purchase - #infographic

Holiday Shopping Goes Social (But Not so Much on #Twitter) [INFOGRAPHIC]

The team at Crowdtap, polled 3,000 plus people in 2013 and 2014 to explore the evolving role of social media during the holiday shopping season.

The key takeaways:

Holiday shoppers are increasingly seeking out gift ideas on social media, relying less on traditional channels.

Nearly 6 in 10 consumers say Facebook is most influential platform on holiday purchases.

Peer recommendation on social have the most influence on holiday gift purchase.

For marketers, the evolving reliance on social recommendations means that user-generated content and great consumer experiences are more impactful than ever when it comes to influencing shopping behavior.

Take a look at below infographic for more insights.

Click here to see the larger image.
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest: Holiday Shopping Goes Social - #Infographic #Socialmedia

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