Your Brain on Social Media - #infographic

The Human Brain and Social Media - #infographic
The folks at tollfreeforwarding have produced an infographic that sheds some light on how use of social media can affect human brain.

Here's are some key takeaways from visual:

Constant notifications from your social profiles and mobile devices act like "reward cues."

Social media activity, like tweeting for 10 minutes can raise Oxytocin levels (which helps in creating feeling of trust and security and reduces anxiety) in the blood as much as 13 percent.

While, a survey of 18-85 year olds found that a majority of people found social media harder to resist than smoking, spending money and even sleeping.

Others claim that social media fuels our narcissism (90 percent of our conversations on social networking sites, like Facebook, Instagram, Google+, are about ourselves).
Social networking has an actual chemical effect on our brain infographic

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