The Anatomy Of Engaging Facebook Posts - #infographic

The Anatomy Of A Perfect Facebook Post - #infographic

The folks at trackmaven analyzed over 1.5 million Facebook posts from nearly 6,000 brand pages to determine the best ways to engage customers on Facebook. Here's what they found.

The maximum character count for a Facebook post is over 60,000 - so don't let the cat get your tongue. Posts with 80+ words generate 2X as much engagement.

Posts with images see 37 percent more engagement than those with just text... so get visual!

Consider boosting a post for greater reach and engagement. Likes are the most common social interaction on Facebook, accounting for 87 percent of all Facebook interactions, compared to 5 percent Comments and 8 percent shares.

Remember that there is no such thing as a "perfect" Facebook post. Use these strategies and best practices (given in the below infographic) to assemble your posts in a variety of ways.
The Nuts And Bolts Of A Perfect Facebook Post - #Infographic #facebook #socialmedia

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