5 Remarkably Easy Ways to Integrate Social Media and Email Marketing

5 Remarkably Easy Ways to Integrate Social Media and Email Marketing
The discussion about which online marketing method yields the best result has been going on for years. Some marketers would claim that email marketing is surely the best there is, while others would say that social media is where the gold mine is.

The truth is, this argument may be similar to that of comparing apples to oranges. There’s no doubt that both methods have a big impact on a business’s success yet the kind of results they bring is quite different.

If your focus is ROI, then email marketing may be the best method to go for while social media on the other hand, will get you better results if your goal is customer interaction and brand awareness.

The thing is, if you’re having the conundrum of having to figure-out which marketing method to use for your business, then why not use both? Imagine the possibilities if these two are integrated. The synergism you’ll get out of both methods will surely give you the business boost that you need. The best part is, integrating both of them is very easy.

How do you do that, you might ask? These methods will help answer that.

Social media icons in emails.

The easiest way to provide your email subscribers a way to interact with you through social media is to include social media icons in your emails. Make sure to put the icons where it can easily be spotted by the reader. The more visible it is to the readers, the better.

This method will make your newsletter more social allowing for more engagement.

Email about your social media account.

Another powerful method to encourage subscribers to interact in your social media account is to ask them to do it. Simply email them an offer you don’t normally put in your email campaign and provide them a call-to-action using “Tweet this”, “Share it”, or “Like” buttons.

Post email URLs on social media.

Promoting an email at social media is as simple as posting any other content. You only need to get your email URL and post it on your social media accounts. Driving traffic to your email through social media is a great way to increase clicks and attract new customers to your products.

Promote email subscription via social media.

This can be easily achieved by posting channel specific posts in your social media accounts. Your post must be linked to either landing page in your website or your GetResponse email subscription form.

Incorporating email into a contest.

Simply run a contest on your social media account or your website. People need to put up their email address when they join the contest. This can be achieved using an autoresponder subscription form like that of GetResponse. You can then promote the contest in social media. Contests like this, is still one of the best ways to grow your email list.

Both media are fantastic tools for every internet marketers. Every internet marketer knows that to use both media greatly widens one’s reach. These two are not made to compete with each other. In fact, integrating them is by far, the easiest and the fastest way to grow your network whether that is in social media community or your email subscribers list.

Top image: mindgruve article contributed by: Marc Sullivan
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