Raising the Digital Generation - infographic

Raising the Digital Generation - infographic

We all know that, generation-Y knows more about the tech-toys and internet-stuff than their parents do, they are using applications and gadgets you've probably never heard of (like undoing emails, sending messages anonymously).
As the use of internet is becoming prevalent in our lives, there's simply no way to keep kids off the smartphones and the web. Instead, keep updated yourself with knowledge: How are modern kids using the social media and smart devices, and how worried should you be?
This infographic created by Ebuyer, loaded with some fascinating insights on just how much time kids and teens spend online.

Some key stats are
Almost half of households with a 3 -15 year old have a tablet computer.
27 percent of children aged 5 - 15 use mobile phones to access the internet.
Texting is the most popular activity for 8 - 11 years old (94 percent).
61 percent of children aged 12 - 15 use a mobile device to visit social networking sites, while the 20 percent of the same age bracket visit social media more than ten times every day.
83 percent parents trust their children to use the internet safely and 70 percent of percents believe that the benefits of the internet for their child outweigh any risks.
49 percent of parents think their child known more about the internet than they do.
40 percent of parents of 12 - 15s have installed parental controls app on mobile phones.
Raising the Digital Generation - infographic

What do you think? Is the increase in youngesters having their own smartphones a bad or good thing?

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