The Art of Creating Perfect Social Media Posts - infographic

How To Create Perfect Posts for Blog, YouTube, Tumblr, Vine, Google+, Facebook and Twitter: Infographic

All social media marketers wish there were a magic viral trick they could use to craft blog posts that their readers love, or Google+ post that spark reshares by the thousands.

Alas, there isn't. (But if you know do let me know, ok).

Each social media operates a bit differently, and each brand's followers have their own preferences and moods.

The fact is that, there is no One-Size-Fits-All trick or strategy, however, there are some guidelines that can help you create the perfect social content.

Luckily, our pals at mycleveragency have put together a terrific infographic, that breaks down how to create perfects posts for GooglePlus, YouTube, Blog, Tumblr, Vine, Twitter and Facebook.

The essential elements of a shareable blog post

Engaging title: Your Title should grab people's attention, as it is the first thing a viewers will read.

First paragraph: Make sure any keywords are features in the first sentence to grab people's attention (but avoid keyword stuffing).

Word Count: Ideally keep your post to between 500-800 words.

Relevant images: Adding an image or graphic to your post will make it more engaging for the reader and make the post more shareable.

Take a look at this visual for more tips, hopefully these best practices will help you drum up your reach across social media.
How To Create Perfect Posts for Blog, YouTube, Tumblr, Vine, GooglePlus, Facebook and Twitter: Infographic
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