How To Create A Successful Travel Blog - infographic

Your Complete Guide To Creating A Wildly Successful Travel Blog - infographic
So you love to travel and explore new places?

The travel-blogging industry is flourishing, with more and more people wanting to make "traveling passion" their full-time job.

And if your goal is to make a living with your blog, you have to be consistent and work hard.
According a a survey by travel company FHR, more than 20 percent of travel bloggers say it took them 6 - 12 months to begin making money from their blog.

You may be working 60+ hours a week, but once you are established your work time will balance out.

Here's an infographic from our pals at that serves as a guide to get you started on making your travel blogging journey a reality!

Some key takeaway from visual:
Pick a niche:
The first step is choosing a niche that will make you stand out from all other travel blogs. It's important to choose a specific topic that allows you to focus on one thing. For example, writing a blog about traveling in Latin America would be a more difficult to do than a blog about backpacking in the Andes mountains.

What's in a name:
Once you have chosen your niche, you can start thinking of what you want to name your blog. It should be short, catchy and memorable. Bonus tip: use to make sure the name is available there as well.
Now if you are serious about blogging and eventually making money from your blog, then you should consider using a host to buy your own domain name.

Get started with WordPress:
More than 50% of Technorati's top blogs use WordPress, and for good reason. WordPress is fast, easy to use and offers customization for a unique site.

Start writing:
Once you are all set up on WordPress, you can start to focus on what the readers want, content!

Get your name out there:
You'll need to become part of the travel blog community on the internet if you want to be successful. Using social media to your advantage will drive traffic to your blog. Leave insightful comments on other travel blogs and share their posts/tweets on social media.

Take a look at this visual for more details:
How to Create a Wildly Successful #TravelBlog - #infographic #blogging
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