6 Tips For A Cohesive Social Media - Affiliate Marketing Campaign

6 Tips For A Cohesive Social Media - Affiliate Marketing Campaign
Affiliate marketing is a moneymaking course where rewards for an “affiliate” come with each completed sale. Unlike the usual selling of products, you earn every time a customer you directed from your site makes a purchase on the merchant’s website.

When Facebook soared on top of the world, the entire social media realm followed effortlessly. It made the world smaller and people get more connected via messaging app, engaging games and interactions. Never in the history of ever that we had something that hosts billions of active users. Social media has transformed the way we live everyday and ushers the evolution of business.

The fusion of affiliate marketing and social media is inevitable. But, is it worth trying? It could be. But, before jumping into the bandwagon, here are some tips on how to make this partnership work.

1. Embrace the diverse social media realm.

While Facebook, Instragram and Twitter are a commonplace when speaking of large social media audience, diversity is always a good thing. Google+, Pinterest and Tumblr have gained solid following that you can tap. Build audience across multiple channels to broaden your horizon.

2. Go for image-centric advertisements.

There is power in images. Visual ads drive high amounts of traffic. This is how Buzzfeed found success – through images and memes.
To get more clicks, create visually stunning ads that will attract clicks. Commission a graphic artist. Research for the latest market trend.

3. Go for link inserting technologies.

Whenever a social networking site user mentions your product, brand or store, you somehow get the chance to insert your link… Magic? Definitely, not. It is the link inserting technology that VigLinks use to turn contents into revenue.

4. Localization is the key.

To attain significant market share, acclimate your ads to various local markets worldwide. This would send a message that the product or service was thoughtfully made for them and has adapted to their culture and needs. Find the social networking site that is popular within the target country and go on to capitalize on this information.

5. Less is more.

There is an apparent shift in consumer preference about simplistic marketing messages. People have grown tired of being barraged by information of most advertisements in the past. Innovative marketers have recognized the need to tone done marketing campaigns and be as straightforward as possible.
Allow the actual website to (when customers click on the ad) to do the talking. After all, this is your ultimate goal with affiliate marketing.
With thousands of feeds and tweets everyday, a long and winding story would scream boring. The clean and uncluttered aesthetics of Pinterest has turned the social networking site into a hit, especially to the women.

6. Integrate reporting and analytics.

Evaluation is a must! In any venture, knowing how a strategy performs across multiple social networking sites will help you direct your resources efficiently. Google Analytics and Sprout Social can do the reporting and analyzing job for you.

The social media space has created vast opportunities for different advertising techniques to thrive. Do you think that affiliate marketing and social media is a good mix? Which of the tips above do you think will do wonders for your business?

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