Twitter Best Practices for 2014 - infographic

23 Rather Marvellous Twitter Best Practices for Businesses 2014 - infographic
Twitter started in 2006 as a side project by Jack Dorsey while he was working for Odeo (exactly - who are they?), 3 more smart guys joined him and after 8 years, it now has over 645 Million registered users posting a staggering 790 Million tweets a day! Over 60 percent of users access Twitter using their mobile phone and interestingly their fastest growing demographic are 55 - 64 year olds.

For those of you new to the chatty network or new to using it for business, here is an infographic from passiondigital proposes some best practices, including latest profile and cover photo sizes, that help you leverage Twitter like a boss.

Remember that everyone's audience is different, and in time, you may learn that your fans are more receptive to tweets with images, or they retweeting your weekend posts, and that's awesome! There is no guarantee with social, you can only go with what you believe suits your fans the most, test, analyze, learn and repeat! In time you'll be churning out engaging content in your sleep.

Key takeaways from visual:
Get A Good profile photo! If you're a business, of course your logo is fine. If it's a mug shot, make it a good clear photo at least 400 x 400 pixels.
Write an awesome bio! Your bio section is a 160 CV of your amazing self. It can be funny or serious, but make it clear what you do. Use hashtags to identify your interests or handles to identify people you post with.
Focus on your passion! Stick to tweeting about what you know best as people will go to you as an influencers in that industry.

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23 Rather Practical Twitter Best Practices for Businesses 2014 - infographic

Top image credit: sfgate
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