Millennials And Smartphones: Stats On Apps And mCommerce - infographic

Millennials And Smartphones: Stats On Apps And mCommerce - infographic
Did you know that 6 in 10 "Generation Y" youngsters (15 to 34 years old) own a smartphone device, while most of them have a data subscription for it as well.
What if I told you that daily internet access through smartphone is highest in Japan (92 percent) and then in China with 89 percent, while Americans take third place with 84 percent. And that "fun and gaming apps" counts as the most popular activity of 56 percent Gen-Y smartphone users.
According to a recent study by InSites Consulting, 44 percent of Millennials say that their current mobile phone is doing just fine, while surprisingly, 32 percent still think they don't need a smartphone at all.
In addition, 65 percent use it to store notes and information while 6 out of 10 use their phone to keep in touch with their friend on social media.
The study also shows that Chinese and American millennials are clearly leaders when it comes to "mobile apps installation" with respectively 96 percent and 94 percent.
Check out this infographic created by How Cool Brands Stay Hot that takes a closer look at what smartphone apps and services Gen-Y are most fond of.
Millennials & Social Media: Smart facts on smartphones, apps & m-commerce [infographic]

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