SMM - Business Owners Fall for These Mistakes AGAIN and AGAIN

SMM - Business Owners Fall for These Mistakes AGAIN and AGAIN
Thousands of dollars have been lost, but sadly, business owners still keep on falling for the same misconception again and again.
What am I talking about? I’m talking about the 5 most common misconceptions that business owners have about social media marketing, that’s costing them A LOT OF DOLLARS!
Before I even share what they are, I’d like you to think about your social media marketing strategy as you read through. Should you find that you’re making the same mistakes, do whatever it takes to stop what you’re doing before you invest any more of your resources in these damaging activities/concepts.
Without further adieu...

Your profile should be all about your company

Think about the features vs. benefit concept.
The thing is, while you profiles should of course contain some information about your company, you shouldn’t really be as focused on that. Rather, your profiles should talk about the kind of benefits that your customers can get from you. Because in the end, they don’t really care who you are, they just want their problems solved so you should focus on that.

Having said this, you need to carefully phrase your profile’s or product’s description. Instead of simply saying, “our company has been in business for years and has established credibility”, you ought to think about saying something like this instead… “Safeguard your assets with a company that’s been around for years…”.

Notice how the latter has MORE EMPHASIS on the customer’s assets being safeguarded (which is about them) compared to the first sentence which just talks more about the company.

The more you post the better

Careful! That’s how spammers think!
If you’re social media marketer has the same concept of going about social media marketing, then that should be a HUGE red flag for you!

Remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all rule for the frequency of your posts. To determine just how many posts you need to make, this is where testing and measurement comes in. These is where you conduct surveys, check when the views of your posts peak (among many others).

Spending thousands of dollars just so people can add a redonkulous amount of posts on your social media profile isn’t cost efficient. It’s just downright expensive, PLUS you risk the probability of your community thinking that you’re spamming them.

You have to be EVERYWHERE

Let’s try to analyze this. Let’s say that we have 10 social media sites. And 50% of your customers are on Facebook while the rest of the social media sites have about 2% (more or less) of your customers each.

Would it make sense for you to spend the equal amount of resources on each site for your social media marketing? Can you imagine how low your returns would be on those sites where only 2% of your customers are residing in?

It just doesn’t make sense doesn’t it?

Instead of thinking about being everywhere, it’d be more prudent if you study which social media sites your customers are and invest majority (if not all) of your social media marketing budget there.

Social Media Marketing is free

Whenever people tell you that social media marketing is free, you need to ask yourself if your time is worth something. Because if it is and you’re spending your time creating profiles, making posts, etc…. then social media marketing isn’t free after all! Actually, it never was!

Transacting via your social media profiles is enough

This kind of thinking should be ok if you’re looking for mediocre success, but if you’re looking to truly excel and reach the next level of your business, then you have to do more than just doing one time transactions on your social media profiles.

Instead of doing that, you can have a capture page and grow your list every time someone purchases your product. You can also route them to your website so you can show them more of your products and what your website has to offer.

Besides, there are a lot of free website builders out there than can help you create professional looking websites. Just add a few texts and some amazing photos and you should be good to go.

Adding your customers on your list and routing them to your website allows you to capitalize on repeat business.

I seriously hope that you aren’t guilty of any of these mistakes. If you are, I hope you’re now convinced that you’re missing on a lot of opportunity or perhaps just burning some money.

Let’s hear it from you!
Was there ever a mistake that you did when marketing via social media that cost you A LOT of money! And I’m talking about a lot of money WITHOUT any returns AT ALL (or close to it)? I’d love to hear from you so do share in the comments section below. I’m sure we’ll all have an awesome time reading and learning from each other!

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