5 Ways to Generate Lead On Google+

5 Ways to Generate Lead On Google+

Talking about lead generation does not mean that we are indulging in selling product on the social media channels. Social media should be your primary focus to establish a strong bond in order to attract leads as sales will follow up gradually.
Google+ is paving a great way to generate profitable business leads. Through this post, marketers can learn the process to drive visitors from Google+ to your business. The purpose is to move visitors from groundwork stage to a competent stage of online marketing funnel.

If you use Google+ to reach a potential new client, you need to accompany links back to your landing page, from text to visual descriptions to enable conversion. The landing page may include a contact form, for a free consultation, or if the marketing funnel appears a bit complex, you can simply invite visitors to join your email list. In both the case, you generate leads.

In the initial stage, generating leads involves different ways to attract potential leads and engages them into speaking with businesses making potential purchases. Google+ is the upcoming social network to fire up customer interest.

Here, are the five most effective ways to generate leads through Google+ platform:

Ultimo Boost for Your AdWords Campaign is +1

‘Like’ button in Google+ is a unique feature and it is called the “+1” button. People clicks on PlusOne button to show their preference. ‘+1’ button shows up in Google search results, in your Google+ profile even in the AdWords ads. As soon as you link AdWords ads to your Google+ page, your followers can start supporting, just clicking the ‘+1’. This helps to increase social awareness and relevance.

In order to initiate, the process you need to add links to your website, and verify the page. You will find a check mark next to your website to reach the Google+ page, or you can simply add Google+ badge to your website. As soon as the pages link back, you can start with social extension in AdWords Ads. Google finally check out who has “+1” the page and link it to the landing page you advertise, bringing more visibility and exposure to your website.

Share Snacky Contents (TEXT and Visual)

TEXT: By maintaining, a steady stream of snacky content adds value to your community. Often these contents, recommended as big guns in the marketing industry helps to gather leads via Google Plus.

You just need a content snippet to start an engaging conversation. Then, direct readers back to your blog to find the actual content and turn them into potential leads. However, all depends on the quality of content shared.

Living in the inbound marketing era, we must remember, "content is king". So, post contents to tickle the funny bones of your followers and compel them to click on the link, but do not digress from your business. Some types of textual contents you can share such as - E-Books, Webinars, Blog Posts, Guides, Tutorials, Whitepapers.

VISUAL: No doubt, visual contents rule the social media, and Google+ is no exception. Besides texts, you can easily add links to images, videos or infograph making it possible for your followers to click through the landing page.

Well, images, videos or infograph have more appeal among people compared to text-based counterparts. Adding an appropriate link with the visual content, with a small text description, (say 100 words) increases your chances of Google+ users to visit the landing page.

Look who is on the Circle

Circle is one of the notable features in Google+ that allow you to place different clients in different circles in line with relevance. You can place each contact in a circle, or you can ask the new contacts in which circle they would like to be added. You can segment the circle by interest, geographic location or demographics and send the targeted content to each circle. You can use the notification feature to drop an email.

Type of content you share with each circle may vary, and the call to action used may keep on changing. Just make sure that the content is snacky and relevant, or users can mark you as a spammer and might mute your posts or block you. Better the content, more it will convert.


You need to be perfect in your endeavor, when we talk of branding. Google+, unlike other social media sites gives the ultimate break to brands and builds a strong existence by interacting with customers (both existing and potential).

How will you restore goodwill for your brand using the GooglePlus?

  • Engaging other individuals, especially the experts of your niche, not directly related to your business on Google+ conversations
  • Addressing concerns of your users
  • Resolving questions that users ask you over any sessions

Branding is the master key to unlock potential leads and seeks out businesses that seem to care about their own customer support.

Broaden your Reach - Organize Hangouts

If you can reach out to more people and feed them in the sales pipeline, generating leads becomes easier. Try to stay connected to people through email lists, and ask them to join your Google+ circles. If a reader finds your content interesting, he or she can choose to share content with his or her acquaintances. Thus allowing your business to create a self-perpetuating and virtuous cycles for business benefits.

GooglePlus has introduced a unique style to communicate with users other than making a request to join circles, popularly called Hangouts. It is the ultimate video tool where your followers can meet you, have a chat with you, and confirm new potential leads for your business. Google+ Hangout syncs with Google+ Events helping your followers to get the email notification on your current Events or share their experience they had with you in the previous events.

Nevertheless, you need to personalize your marketing approach and make it better targeted. Use of Hashtags, following up with a keyword makes updates easily searchable. Whereas you can tag a person in your post simply adding “+” sign before his or her name, well whatever marketing tactic you adopt, timing and consistency is must for social media sites. You must avoid posting many updates at one single shot as it holds a bad opinion about your brand. Maintain the steady stream of updates, but do not overdo.

Rapid changes that take place in the Google+ helps to spread the brand word to a large number of people in less time. However, business trying to generate leads through Google+ depends on the hosted content motivating enough to grab the attention of the potential customers.

Do not miss the valuable leads available on Google+.

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