The History Of Social Collaboration - From 1960 To Present - [INTERACTIVE infographic]

The History Of Social Collaboration - From 1960 To Present - interactive infographic
How do humans in the workplace collaborate? We know now that with technology there is an array of possibilities but how did this technology unraveled throughout the years? Autodesk 360 took a stab at creating an interactive infographic taking you throughout the decades and the evolution of social collaboration. From the initial speech machine (the telephone) that facilitated short and long distance communication to instant messages and Video Conference nowadays. The world has drastically evolved and our work relationship automatically too. New terms such as social collaboration have emerged due to the tools we use to interact, participate and collaborate on a project. Our presence is not necessarily required in order to get things done anymore. New technologies like the cloud allow us to go further in the performance and efficiency process avoiding us to waste time on logistic matters and be more pro-active. In a fascinating technologic world it is important to understand where it all started and thanks to what and whom it has reached what we currently know.
Take a dive throughout the decades from the 1950’s to present days and (re)discover the many inventions that helped build the work environment we are all familiar with.
Tour "the evolution of social collaboration" in full version here: autodesk360innovate.
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