Incredible Ways To Getting Dream Job Via Social Media Efforts - infographic

Incredible Ways to Getting Dream Job via Social Media Efforts
Around 94% of the top recruiters source potential candidates by surfing through their social media profiles. You can use your creativity in filling your profiles perfectly that inspires the recruiters to take a look at your resume. But do you know how to be creative to secure the attention of recruiters?
The answer is very simple!
“Optimize your social media profiles that showcase your skills and creativity in a simple and effective manner”.
Here are a few ways on how to craft your profiles on the leading social networks like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., to help you land your dream job.


Creating your Curriculum Vitae (CV):
  • Take a snapshot of your resume and pin it on your board.
  • Describe it with your best skilled areas as keywords.
  • Showcase your recent works that you have done at the current and previous job.

Make yourself Branded:
  • Provide user name with the real name (the one that you provide in your CV).
  • Create a board to collect your favorites like reading list, references to your works.
  • Highlight your rewards, trophies that you have accomplished in your graduation as well as career.

Stay Active and Get Engaged:
  • Follow others who are relevant to your profile.
  • Comments on other boards that can make sense.
  • Connect with people who are experts in leading industries.
  • Keep your profile and boards regularly updated.


Creating your Profile:
  • Creating a user name with the combination of your name as well as your profession.
  • Writing a short and sweet description with your targeted keywords.
  • Links to your own website or CV.

Generating Content that Tells about You:
  • Pictures of your portfolio and works done for.
  • Photos of your conferences, presentations and trade show that you have participated.
  • Videos that describes your skills and capabilities.

Getting Engaged:
  • Following companies that you feel interested to work with.
  • Engaging with industry experts, commenting and appreciating their works.
  • Making use of the relevant tags those companies are using.


Creating Business Card on Profile:
  • Your display name and user name.
  • Describing your profession with targeted keywords.
  • Links to your personal website.

Engagement with Global Audience:
  • Sharing latest articles about the niche you are interested in.
  • Sharing testimonials or press releases about the companies you would like to work for.
  • Commenting on the articles that you loved the most.
  • Messaging to the industry experts in praise of their work.

Networking and Engagement:
  • Follow the people who are at the reputable position in the companies that you would like to work with.
  • Making use of hashtags which your favorite companies are using.
  • Engaging with industry leaders who are free at listening you.


Cleaning up your Profile:
  • Removing the old and inappropriate status and pictures that you are tagged in.
  • Give a professional look to your profile with decent profile picture and cover photos.
  • Hide your religion and political influences and stay as if you are neutral.

Engaging with others:
  • Get connected to your professional friends like coworkers, employees of your future companies.
  • Stay active and participate in communities and be interactive.
  • Join new groups related to your core field and keep updated with new job alerts.

  • Like your favorite company profiles and fan pages.
  • Think before you post something and check the visibility and switch over with public and private modes.
  • Inside the groups make yourself popular by interacting with recruiters and headhunters who are supposed to interact with candidates.

Go Viral with Blogging:

Plan and Organize your Niche:
  • Choose perfect and professional design that suits your blog’s content.
  • Specify relevant categories and tags.
  • Fill out the “About Me” pages and dedicate a page for showcasing your CV.

Curate Content:
  • Setting up authority on your content.
  • Show you are very-versed about the niche you area blogging about.
  • Write relevant content that can showcase your talent in your niche.

Consistency is all needed:
  • Stay updated with new topic on your blog.
  • Edit your previous blogs with improved content.
  • Give space for people to interact and reply to their comments regularly.

Also have a look at this infographic called The Ultimate Social Media Guide to Getting a Job from ciphr delineating how to use social networking sites to create a personal brand and market yourself to hiring managers to achieve the job of your dreams.
The Ultimate Social Media Guide to Getting a Job - infographic

Hope this information will provide you with lots of insights on heading towards achieving your dream job! Having professional social networking profiles will not only increase your outreach, but also you will be able to expand your circles in getting connected with recruiters and employers.

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Amy Jasmine is a passionate blogger who loves to surf on internet. Apart from blogging she works for SJT providing SMO and SEO Training in Chennai to the candidates who are aspiring to choose their career in the world of internet marketing.

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