The Future Of Google Maps - infographic

The Future Of Google Maps - infographic
Millions of internet users believe that Google Map has value and it just introduced a major redesign process in today's connected world. Google has placed a great deal and played a vital role in the techno world. Google maps became most essential, in the field of both online and real world. Also it made life easier with different services such as Maps history, Google Plus accounts and information in users’ Gmail accounts. Google is able to ensure about actual market-leading mapping and route planning service; actual data, information and accurate directions. Because of this accuracy it became more popular among the total number of regular internet users.

It is very essential for organizations to use Google Maps to get advanced product, better profit and result. So in world wise 85% of total sites are now using mapping services. As a result Google Map became the most widely used online mapping service. Also Google’s advanced technology helps to start new trends, undetected patterns, transaction data, and other variables. Google not only provide good services but also prove as the backbone of small business. And Google search can build the Knowledge Graph for profitable business setting with new documentation.

Google is an internet powerhouse which reached in a high position. To make this ranking high a site has to be highly developed in so many fields such as technology, opportunities, facilities and infrastructure data. Here is an infographic from BMD explaining the map as an operating system, location awareness, companies built and the future of Google map with Google’s Roadmap to World Domination.

infographic: Google’s Roadmap to World Domination

Google’s Roadmap to World Domination - infographic

I am curious to know what you think of the GoogleMap info presented in the infographic.
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