30 Must-Have Social Recruiting Tools - infographic

30 Must-Have Social Media Recruiting Tools - infographic
There was a time when companies had to spend a lot of money to advertise opportunities in newspapers, however, today technology and connected social world have made the hiring process much easier than ever before. In fact, 92 percent of companies use social networking sites for recruiting candidates.
Are you planning your 2014 social media strategy and looking to find out which tools will help get the job done?  Here is a must bookmark infographic from GSMI and SRSC titles 30 Indispensable Social Recruiting Tools that will help you throughout the hiring process, including customer relationships management, search, social media solutions, interviews and mobile.
30 Must-Have Social Media Recruiting Tools - infographic



CRM is model for managing a company's interactions with current and future customers. In social recruiting, CRM tools help increase productivity and streamline engagement with potential job candidates.

Search tool

Learn more about candidates, search professional networks and sift through resume databases more easily with these tools.

Social media solutions

Interview solutions

Pr-recorded digital interviews are the easiest way for recruiters to screen the candidate, not just the resume. Live interviews save time and are easier to schedule than traditional interviews.


Communicate with an increasingly tech savvy workforce from anywhere. Companies can find candidates, interview and hire from anywhere via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.
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nick leigh-morgan said...

I think should also be on the list. A brilliantly simple ATS.....oh and it's free.