The History Of Selfie-Obsessed Generation - infographic

The History Of Selfie-Obsessed Generation - infographic
Oxford university declared Selfie as the word of twenty thirteen, but how did this phenomenon become such an integral part of our daily lives? Although many people might believe the term Selfie was borned just a short time ago, it's actually had a long and insightful past. Here we glimpse into the history of the selfie and examine how its landscape look today.

Thanks to marketo team for creating this infographic that looks at selfies throughout time and some types of modern-day selfies.

The purpose of sharing this "selfie histroy" is not just to enjoy the phenomenon, but there's a marketing message in it for businesses and brands. That is, social media users have become more image centric, and love to talk about themselves on social networks. So if you really want to live in the social media space don't just promote your products or services, engage your audience and share content what they really want to see.

Selfie image credit: NASA/instagram.
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