Social Media Marketing: Top Brands - And What Experts Say

Social Media Marketing: Who Are Doing It Right - And What Experts Say
If you're unfamiliar with the term “social media marketing” you might want to do some research on it. This is especially true for individuals who own a business or have anything to sell. This is because social media offers you the opportunity to reach hundreds of millions of potential patrons in an instant.
When you log on to a social networking site, typically you're looking to keep in touch with friends and family. However, from a business perspective, there is an opportunity to advertise and network, too. This is why so many companies are highly vested in social media. Facebook and Google+ remain the two most influential social media sites (with Twitter a real close third) but there are others that give your business the opportunity to advertise products directly to potential customers.

The Top Tweeters

Whole Food Market has more followers on Twitter than any other brick and mortar business. Almost every store has a Twitter account, plus they have accounts for various aspects of eating well. This national chain of organic grocery stores also has a website where their patrons can order a variety of products.

More than 3 million people currently follow the Whole Foods Market and the company can tweet out information about specials and sales. The second most popular company on Twitter is JetBlue Airways. Having so many followers allows the small airline to let their audience know about flight delays, schedule changes, discount tickets and a host of other things. There are 1.6 million+ people who take advantage of JetBlue Airway's Twitter page. The Starbucks coffee company and HootSuite also have more than 5 million followers.

Most Liked Companies on Facebook

Facebook already has over 01 Billion people with accounts on their social media platform. It should come as no surprise to you that the world's largest beverage company, Coca-Cola, has the most likes of Facebook. Over 78 million people have clicked on Coke's Facebook like button.

The most magical company on earth, Disney, is the second most popular business on Facebook with over 46 million likes. Starbucks is the third most popular company on Facebook and they're the only company within the top five most popular companies on both Facebook and Twitter. Starbucks has over 36 million followers while the energy drink Red Bull has 42 million followers. McDonalds rounds out the top 11 with over 29 million likes.

Much like Twitter, Facebook offers you an opportunity to remain in contact with your customers. Facebook has an advertising option where you can advertise directly to people looking for your particular kind of services. A daily budget can even be set on Facebook and an application like Static iFrame Tabs even allows your Facebook page to be customized like a real web page.

The HTML of your page can be altered, making Facebook the easiest to change of all the social media sites. The social media campaigns aren't reserved for to Facebook and Twitter. Google Plus, Linkedin each have over millions accounts. It's easy to see that all the top corporations, realize the importance of a strong social media presence but smaller companies have made quite a name for themselves with the aid of social media. Companies like Ink Technologies offer a rewards program that earns members points as an incentive for sharing their great products with friends on different social channels.

Social Media Marketing Trends in 2014 from the Experts

As 2014 will see new social networks, ever more creative marketing concepts and innovative formats popping up everyday, Talkwalker asked some social media experts about their views of the top trends in social media marketing next year.

See what they have to say so you can prepare ahead!
Social Media Marketing Trends in 2014 from the Experts

If your company has an account on all the top social networking sites first you should make sure that’s what your company needs and who's your target audience. Companies who do it right devote many resources and proper marketing strategy.

Social media is one new (really not so new, now) way to connect to your sea of current and potential customers. If you own a business and you don't have social media channel dedicated to it, you’re likely letting money slip away.

Article submitted by: Andy Franco | Social media following data via: socialbakers | image credit: iprospect


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