6 Apps to Boost Your Social Media Following In 2014

6 Amazing Apps to Boost Your Social Media Following
The social media revolution has already taken everyone by storm. According to recent statistics, about 75% of the entire internet user population subscribe to a social media platform, and we are talking about 1.8 billion of people with that estimate. With that staggering population of social media subscribers, how many are your followers?
The famous pop singer, Katy Perry, is currently the most followed person with almost 50 million followers around the globe. Although, it is really not a big surprise considering the reach of her influence as a pop icon. We may not be as influential as Katy Perry or as charming as Justin Beiber, but I'm certain that we can also increase the number of our followers in social media in a smaller scale.
The thing is, there are TONS of apps that you can use to make this happen. With the right app, you’ll be able to increase your social media following in  no time!
Allow me to share with you 6 of these amazing apps...

Google Currents

An important factor for you to consider when boosting your social media following is how updated and fresh your content are.

With Google currents, you are able to get news and updates from VERY REPUTABLE sources like TechCrunch, The Guardian (among many others) very easily.

Considering how these reputable sites only publish articles that has the ability to draw people, you can bet your family jewels that IF you post about them in your social media accounts, a lot of people will find your posts interesting and worth reading.

The more people find your posts interesting, the more people will subscribe or follow you in your social media accounts.


I bet you have already noticed funny short looping video clips in Twitter. Many Vine clips already went viral and users gained a lot of followers. How do they do it? Simply follow these three steps: think of an out-of-the-box concept, record and post it to Twitter and other social media platform compatible with Vine. That easy? Yes, that easy. Also check out this infographic from The 7th Chamber that takes a deeper look at some key Vine stats and best practices.
 key Vine stats and some best practices - infographic


Instagramers, as what they call people who use Instagram, has this simple yet very effective tactic to get followers - the "Follow me and I'll follow you (insert smiley, heart, lipstick and whatever emoticons available here) rule." Undoubtedly, that phrase is so simple that it can increase your followers to a hundred in a single day that is of course if you are tuned in to Instagram 24/7.

Other strategies includes flooding your IG post with hashtags and posting quality yet interesting photographs frequently just enough not to annoy your followers unless you're some hot celebrity today. If you want learn other ways, find out more information here. And also take a look at this infographic from Infographiclabs showing some facts about  instagram and instructions on how it works.
facts about the instagram and instructions on how it works - infographic


There are many ways to get friends and fans in Facebook. First, use this feature wherein you can invite people from your email to join Facebook, if they haven't joined yet. Second, make it a habit to suggest a friend to a friend who is actually their friend on real life, but aren't yet friends in Facebook. Wow! That is quite a mouthful. Certainly, those people will return the favor back.

Another way to attract people to follow you or add you as a friend is to make a gimmick wherein people will get a prize for it. Lastly, have a clear distinction between "for personal use" or "for business matters" in order not to confuse your fans.

Also check out this handy infographic illustrating 7 super easy ways to increase your Facebook likes by wishpond.
7 super easy ways to increase your Facebook likes - infographic


Who told you that getting too involved is not good? Definitely, not for Tweetbot. The more you interact with Twitter addicts and get involve with everyone around, the more you will be noticed and get followed by many people.

Once you are in a conversation, all of the followers of that person will see you. If you are not in a conversation, make a habit to post a 140-word post that is worth retweeting. The secret here is always be visible.


For those who aren’t in the know, one of the best things that Flipboard can do is that it can help you see what is happening in your connected social media sites giving you the capability to interact through the app.

Now let’s think about that for a second… If you are able to immediately interact with your readers ALMOST IMMEDIATELY, wouldn’t that convey how much you care for them? Or how interested you are in hearing what they have to say?

If you are able to show these two characteristics to  your social media followers, getting them to follow you will be a cinch!

Famous Last Words

The golden rule in order to get as many followers in the social media is to stay  visible. Maximize the functionalities of each social media app in order to increase your visibility in other people's news feed. Also try your best to be unique and original with what you post so that many people will get to notice your account profile. This, in turn, will make your social media promoting strategy successful.

About the author:

Marc S.  enjoys being around the social media world and writing about technology, health and online stuff is what he really likes.

Photo Credit: Jason Howie


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