The Social Technology And The Office Of Tomorrow [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Social Technology And The Office Of future [INFOGRAPHIC]
Total automation, robot secretaries and 120 minutes workdays? Probably not. But, the days are gone, when you had to play with typewriters and printed memos. Over the past two decades the way we work in the workplace has changed considerably by modern technology. Those things are replaced with Laptops, internet, and smoking bans! The truth is, offices are evolving at a startling pace, and with the rise of social networking savvy millennials and touch screen devices, the winds of change look set to whip up another technological storm.
A study shows that over 80 percent of professionals use social media at work and are highly excited by new technologies. Moreover, companies that allow participation in social media at offices have a larger percentage of satisfied workers than those who are denied access to social tools at work. So, what will the office of tomorrow look like in the light of social media? Check out this infographic from thomsonreuters shows how instant, specialized information is transforming the professional world.

The Social Media Technology And The Office Of Tomorrow [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social Media: The Office of Tomorrow - infographic

image by: middlemarketcenter
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