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Dec 2, 2013

How Businesses are Monitoring the Use and Abuse of Social Media by Their Employees [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Use of Social Media in offices, workplace, businesses and firms  [INFOGRAPHIC]
According to Roythornes report more than 63 percent of UK businesses that are using social media do have a SM workplace policy, while only 3 out of 10 actively monitor their staff's social media activity. So do you have a social media policy in your firm? Do you monitor your online presence other than your own website? Take a look at the infographic by Roythornes to know how other businesses are monitoring the use (and abuse!) of social media by their employees.

How Businesses are Monitoring the Use and Abuse of Social Media by Their Employees [INFOGRAPHIC]
How Businesses are Monitoring the Use of Social Media by Their Employees

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What UK companies say about social media use in the workplace:

Over one third of businesses have no social media policy described and with some surveys showing that 75% of employees access social media from work at least once a day this may be a problem.

More than 79 percent of businesses have an official account on Facebook, 72.1 have a Twitter presence, 59% on LinkedIn, 36 percent on YouTube and only 24.3 percent have an official account on Google+.

About 25 percent of companies are not monitoring their online presence. And about 32 percent of firms monitor the use of social media amongst their employees in the office.

43 percent of businesses say they allow staff to bring their own devices into office and use them for work purposes while 36 percent restrict their Data-download who allowed devices in workplace.

Many businesses consider that use of social media in offices is quite arguable, while other think it as an area that is constantly evolving and their approach to "social media use" needs to be flexible and it is a great way to build brand presence and shouting about your successes as a business.

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