The Psychology of Social Sharing [INFOGRAPHIC]

With 23% of users check their FB account 5 or more times everyday and over 150 Million Selfie uploaders on Instagram, sharing on social networking sites has become our daily routine, and it's no secret the prime reason people share things online is value and entertainment. These are just a few of many amazing insights shared by StatPro.

Scroll down to see the infographic "The Psychology of Social Sharing" to learn how we can all be characterized as particular types of 'sharers' and how those characteristics, along with the growth of social media, are shaping our online activity… whether that be personally; in business, or even how our CEOs are sharing.

6 types of social media sharers - infographic


  1. Now this is one cool representation of the multitude of social sharers out there. I didn't know this until I saw your link on Bizsugar. Such an eye opener.

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