24 Hours In The World Of Web Content [Infographic]

24 Hours In The World Of Web Content [Infographic]
Did you know that, there are 92K plus articles are posted on the internet with 1.19 Billion+ engaged minutes every single day. In other words, 1,194,902,462 engaged minutes is roughly 10 seconds per every person on earth or 2273 years of time. Now I know what you are thinking - "Where does all that traffic comes from"? The Chartbeat found in their study that - Of a sample of 4.5 Billion sessions 74% of traffic come from desktop and 26 percent from mobile. While 50 percent of traffic comes from direct sources, 29% from social media, 14 percent from external and 7 percent from search.
A Day in the Life of Web Content - 24 Hours In The World Of Web Content [Infographic]

A Day in the Life of Web Content - Infographic

So what that mean for content creators, marketers?
Answer is simple, next time you push out your awesome content, remember people are spending valuable seconds, minutes, days that add up to years with it. And most of them are coming at your directly.


  1. Irfan thanx for a great post. I found this link from your G+ post https://plus.google.com/102569637526777046685/posts/3enemKECsDa

    enjoy and keep up the good work

    1. Thank you Frank for stopping by and your comment. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Hello Irfan, you've done really great work with this blog post!! I've never imagined the kind of hassle online and internet users everyday passing through. That infographic is pretty amazing and complicated as well. I enjoyed learning about it though. Thanks.

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