The State Of Social: 6 Best Practices For Social Media Success [INFOGRAPHIC]

The State Of  Social: 6 Best Practices For Social Media Success [INFOGRAPHIC]
We all know that social networks are an integral part of many peoples' daily life - with the number of social media users around the world has risen 18 percent in 2013 - it's never been more critical for businesses to understand and leverage the social media world and how they fit in. Dive into the infographic by wildfireapp to learn the 6 best practices for social media success.

The State Of  Social: 6 Best Practices For Social Media Success [INFOGRAPHIC]

6 best practices for social success

Allocate brand and digital budgets for social.

Because almost 75 percent of companies that say they've "excellent, innovative work" in social media allocate from their brand and digital, suggesting a larger strategy at work.

Get outside help

By and large, companies with successful social initiatives use a combination of in-house talent and outside agencies. In contrast, those with ineffective social programs usually go it alone.

Create distinct initiatives for each brand

Companies that are successful in social overwhelmingly create distinct initiatives for each of their brands. In contrast, most companies that lag behind run centralized social initiatives across multiple brands.

Set clear and measurable goals

Consumer are sophisticated with social media and are looking for compelling reasons to participate. more successful companies devise social with a goal of increased engagement, while unsuccessful companies use a more scatter-shot approach.

Use tech to manage and measurable social

Most companies that excel at social and have revenue of $1Million+ use technology to mange and measure their success.

Be active on multiple networks

Companies that report excellent results from their social initiatives are active on an average of 5 social networks.

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